MLM Consultant

Mel Atwood is one of the foremost MLM Consultants in the industry today. Since 1997, it has been his crusade to bring humanity & reality into the world of MLM, Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Party Plans, Direct Sales and Viral Marketing.


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‘Introduction to MLM’ Workshop: Understanding the “In’s and Out’s” of MLM is essential to properly implement a business model that makes sense in this niche channel. Every week Mel does several intense introductory sessions on MLM. Every start-up or existing company needs to experience this personal, face-to-face, 6 hour discussion; “Understanding M. L. M. ” / ” M. L. M. in a Nutshell”. Join Mel for a full-day Intro to MLM. He spends time discussing every aspect of this industry. Bring your whole team!

  • What you can expect to face: growth ups and downs
  • Choosing a compensation plan: who, what, when, why
  • Emerging technologies: leveraging technology
  • Understanding the history of this industry and where we are today
  • Legal points to be mindful of and why you need an MLM Attorney
  • Important tools and services: support tools for your sales force
  • Merchant accounts “Dos and Don’ts”- why all the fuss?
  • Paying commissions: Debit Cards or Checks?
  • What they will not tell you!
  • And other critical information you need to know!

“Mel redefines the word ‘expert’. His knowledge in the field of MLM and his pursuit in the perfection of an MLM software system make him the best professional I’ve worked with. He was very perceptive to our needs. Mel asks a lot from his team and delivers more than just a product or a service: he delivers what the client needs. It presented absolutely no challenge for Mel and his team that we were a Romania company. He helped us to get a better understanding of what we wanted, sharing with us from his vast experience!

Mel once said to me: “I’m doing this to make a client happy and to also make a profit. Yet, if the first is not there at the end of the project, the second one does not matter.” He helped us to get a better understanding of what we wanted, sharing with us from his vast experience. I’m glad I was offered the chance to work with him and his team. I hope to have the same opportunity in the future.”

Gabriel Constantinescu
Sales Supervisor at Aviva Romania

  • Business Plan Evaluation
  • Comp Plan Design & Development
  • Pre-Launch & Launch Strategy
  • Marketing Strategies
  • International Expansion
  • Product Development
  • Recruiting & Marketing Systems
  • Merchant Account Consulting
  • Domestic & International Payroll
  • Corporate Operations
  • Incentive & Reward Programs

  • “Mel provided an exceptional Web site for our company as we were starting up. He was responsive, quick, and had excellent recommendations for us to generate more traffic.”

    William Justesen
    Owner of Computers & More, LLC

    If you would like an outline of what is covered we will gladly send you one, just ask! To schedule one of these exceptional one-on-one sessions with Mel, call today! Call: 800-613-5434