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ePower Leads is your Lead Generation source for Premium Surveyed Real Time Leads. Our MLM Leads are fresh, responsive, and definitely interested in pursuing a Home Based Business… by far the hottest Business Opportunity Leads available anywhere!

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  • Surveyed Leads: These prospects are so interested in starting a home-based business, that they have returned to our website a second time & completed a short survey online.
  • Opt-In Leads: Our Fresh Opt-in Leads have all responded to one of our online advertisements, plus received a confirmation email from us confirming their request.

ePower Leads provides the most advanced sorting options and features available in the industry. Our Real Time, database interactive ordering system, is state of the art and allows our customers full access to every lead we have. Increase your conversion rates tremendously by targeting the exact prospect that fits your profile.:

  • Gender Targeting
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All of these options are available on all of our Lead Packages. You can even combine multiple options to further define your request!

Maybe your products are better suited towards people in your area, and your conversions rates are higher meeting your prospect face to face? Our new Real Time Local Leads sound like a perfect fit.

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Google Coop – Explosive Potential for you MLM Business

Explosive new release by Google! I know many of you have participated in Ryze or other online networking sites. Some of you have likely participated in the new public book marking trend. Well, Google has come out with their own version… and it is heating up.

This will be the future of Google’s search engine algorithm! What does that mean? Well, what do people want? This is how Google is going to find out and it will be the foundation of how peoples websites rank in Google. If you don’t already have a Google Account, now would be the time.

Below I have sent you my Google profile link. Signup for Google if you don’t already have an account, and then subscribe to my profile, and I will subscribe back to yours. The ultimate in simple link exchanges, and it’s likely to sweep the world of online Web 2.0 communities! Read the rest of this entry »

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A new term “Link Fishing”

I’m about to take a stand here… are you ready?


I think “Link Fishing” is a powerful concept that I want to share with you. Many people call it different things; shameless promotion, SPAM, etc.

Mostly it’s not a nice thing to do it at the expense of a BBS or Blog or Forum. Yes, it works… but I think there should be some ethics to it… more than just shameless promotion.

What is it? It’s the idea of posting to forums, blogs, guest books, BBS’s, etc. but with the sole intent of getting a link on their site that points at your site. It’s a search engine technique.

Many people do it by simply participating in the above noted places, but with a simply signature line. Others however, blatantly disregard the value of these places or their mission by posting “irrelevant” and misleading content to a site that really has no use for such information.

Additionally, in the recent past I experienced this “not so nice” way of promotion, but it was done without posting a real name or anything of any real value… taking what was already a low form of promotion to an even lower level.

I would call for all those who use Link Fishing to do so with consideration. Make your posts personal and relevant to the forum. Be sure to contribute to the culture of the site rather than deface it with your untopical remarks.

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Put Relationships Back Into Marketing

Many times when using an internet marketing system we forget we are dealing with real people who have real feelings, dreams, and desires. Often in the process of “Chewing Through the Numbers” we forget that those numbers are REAL people.

While working with serious and qualified people is important… and to some degree we need to expect certain things from our prospects… in the process we need to realize they have families, lives, distractions, and complications as we all do from time to time. Even very interested and quality people may miss a conference call or two and they may miss an appointment. Increasingly we are dealing with more and more busy individuals who, while they want to break free of the rat race, are bound by that rat race and hectic life style. Many of us are or were exactly like that kind of person at one time.

With that in mind, the 2 areas most people fail in MLM are:
1- Who to talk to
2- Follow-Up

Conversational Approaching, while not Internet marketing, is one of the most highly recommended methods of locating people to introduce the business to and enter into the warm market portion of a marketing system. As well, internet browsing for experienced entrepreneurs, leveraging online chat rooms and online messaging is a powerful extension of conversational approaching for the internet. It also cost nothing to do. Read the rest of this entry »

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