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So, as the busy person I am, running an MLM software and consulting company, I have been remiss in my blogging, tweeting and other writing. So, this is my affirmation, “I am a blogger, tweeter (lol), and writer. I have updated social media. I have a book that will change your life!”

With that… here is my contribution for the moment…

Success is about masterminding your reality. Blah Blah…

Statements of reality such as, β€œI am a failure” go directly into your mind as a path statement of how to be. A directive to be a failure. β€œI am a success.” Is also a path statement that guides your psyche where you want it to be. A directive to be a success. Although let me add that your directives formed in present tense shouldn’t be vague… like, “I am a success.” … whatever that means. Read the rest of this entry »

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So, I was part of a discussion recently about gratitude and they/we were talking about all the same old types of things: Why should we be grateful, why is gratitude important… you know the drill.

So, I was sitting there listening to the discussion and I was just about asleep from boredom. As I often do to keep myself awake I piped up and shared my thoughts on the topic. Here are the 4 main thoughts I shared:

#1– Personally, I recognize God as the giver of all things. You might see it as karma, yin/yang, circle of life, the universe, or the laws of physics (how energy works). To me it is God and God is/controls all of these things. There is balance in all things… I didn’t say life was “fair” in a subjective, limited perception kind of way… but, life IS ALWAYS fair in an objective, balanced, higher purpose kind of way.

So, as good things or bad things happen it’s important to be grateful for what we have and the experiences we have. Read the rest of this entry »

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MLM Community

MLM Community

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Preface: This post isn’t about Right and Wrong. Nor is it about believing in Religion or Cultural Dogma. This post is about “Freeing Your Mind” from social programming. In this I will use my own reference points. Some of these may be religious in nature and for those who are unable to relate to these points I apologize in advance.

Let me start by saying that many many years ago I recognized in myself the need for approval from my peers. I became consciously away of my “Addiction” to constant approval of each thing I did, from family or friends. I craved validation.

I realized that I was choosing (subconsciously) to live my life based on the perceptions others had of me. In short, I cared what they thought. In about the 9th grade (15-16 years old) I started a journey of personal revolution. For my parents and teachers it was something entirely perplexing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Be a Hick!

In my previous blog I indicated my frustration with those who dealt with others less than honorably. I realize I haven’t posted in some time, and I am the only one to blame for that I guess. My MLM Consulting and MLM Software solutions have really done well as of late, I share that more as an explanation than an excuse.

In a recent talk I gave I mentioned 4 things that everyone should keep in mind when doing anything in life.

1- Honesty – Be Honest.
2- Integrity – Be True to what you’ve said and what you believe. (Walk the Talk)
3- Charity – Serve others. Only in the service of others can you find yourself.
4- Kindness – Be Kind. Speak only good of others, do only good to others. Read the rest of this entry »

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Business BS – What not to do?

We all have bad days. Some are worse than others.

Today wasn’t at all very good. You know as hard as you might try to do business above the surface… try to 100% play it straight, fair, and honest… now and again it becomes maddening when others don’t do the same thing.

More to come…

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