Mel AtwoodMel Atwood, CEO started selling door to door greeting cards and seeds as a kid. The thrill of entrepreneurialism and working hard to build a business never left his blood. He started he journey in Direct Sales as an adult by doing door to door direct sales for Rainbow Vacuum, which lead him to the empowering ideas of leverage that ignited his passion in MLM.   He developed multiple Multi-Million Dollar sales force organizations and was asked to join the ranks of direct selling Corporate Executives to make a difference at a corporate level.  It’s with that vast background that in 1997 he founded YourSolutions.net, LLC to bridge the gap between Corporate MLM Executives and Owners and the technology world.
Clay Atwood Clay Atwood, President started at the ground floor in corporate America and worked his way from the floor into an office.He learned business from the ground up and brings that experience to YourSolutions.net, LLC. He’s a key asset for real world input, as a controller, and in managing our accounts.
Jim KitchenJim Kitchen, VP of Operations comes to YourSolutions.net, as a seasoned corporate strategist and business professional. His vast experience in founding and operating a company with wide success adds a solid depth to the YS.net team.
Josh AlfaroJosh Alfaro, VP of Marketing rounds out the team with his world class experience in brand creation, graphic arts, and marketing. His portfolio includes branding, image, and marketing for the likes of Sony, Chuck Norris, NetFlix, Pioneer, Alta Ski Resort, among others.  Additionally, Josh is dually fluent in English and Spanish which allows YourSolutions.net, LLC to appeal to a much far wider market.