So, as the busy person I am, running an MLM software and consulting company, I have been remiss in my blogging, tweeting and other writing. So, this is my affirmation, “I am a blogger, tweeter (lol), and writer. I have updated social media. I have a book that will change your life!”

With that… here is my contribution for the moment…

Success is about masterminding your reality. Blah Blah…

Statements of reality such as, “I am a failure” go directly into your mind as a path statement of how to be. A directive to be a failure. “I am a success.” Is also a path statement that guides your psyche where you want it to be. A directive to be a success. Although let me add that your directives formed in present tense shouldn’t be vague… like, “I am a success.” … whatever that means.

For many, I am sure when they say to themselves, “I am a success.” that they feel as if they are lying. And they are. They aren’t REALLY a success… not today… not yet.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Fake it till you make it?” Of course, we all have. Well, everyone at some point is a nobody (typically it starts at birth). Those who became some bodies didn’t get there by accident. Even princes and heirs to large fortunes start out as nobodies. Famous or rich doesn’t make them a somebody! You can’t be born a somebody. We all start with the same blank slate of nothingness and are shaped into being a somebody. Perhaps some of us are gifted in some ways to realize our ‘somebodyness’ sooner or quicker or easier than others. Some might get lucky to have a great parent or mentor that empowers them with understanding that allows them to grasp onto their ‘somebodyness’ before the rest of us.

My message to you is, Be a somebody, today! It’s a choice not a process. You have nothing to learn to be a success other than how to believe you are (a success), when you really aren’t. It will feel odd at first to affirm what you feel is a lie. I will tell you however, that the only way is to first lie to yourself… believe the lie… and over time the lie will become reality.

Others say this same thing in different ways… They call these statements “Affirmations”… and tell people they aren’t lies, just statements of truth yet revealed…. LOL… that sounds like a bunch of hog wash to me. It is a lie. And I am calling it what it is. A Lie. But, there is no denying that weather you call it a lie or an Affirmation… IT WORKS!

To succeed, we must first conceive of what it is we want to be.
Second, desire to believe it is possible.
Third, tell ourselves we are what we want to be (lie).
Forth, believe the lie is true. Over time and as we pretend to be what it is we want to be… we will begin to believe we are.
Fifth, realize we are truly what we dared to conceive.

Once there… we’ll realize we were there all the time… and that it REALLY wasn’t a lie at all when we told our self what it was we wanted to be. It WAS the truth all along… we just felt it was a lie.

There are all kinds of fancy physical and metaphysical mumbo jumbo that swami’s and guru’s talk about… how time as we grasp it does not exist and that all things exist simultaneously, that it is our grasp of reality (our perceptions of those things around us) and not reality itself that is what we live in. Oh wow… the bottom line is… we have to start some place. We have to take baby steps, before it makes sense… and the first place and best place to start…

A- Ask yourself what it is you want. B- Tell yourself you are that person who has those things… in a statement of current tense. IE. “I am loved. I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am strong. I am positive. I am grateful.”

And if these are things you want, but don’t actually believe these things are true…. then LIE!

I wish you the very best… you are a success.

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