Google Coop – Explosive Potential for you MLM Business

Explosive new release by Google! I know many of you have participated in Ryze or other online networking sites. Some of you have likely participated in the new public book marking trend. Well, Google has come out with their own version… and it is heating up.

This will be the future of Google’s search engine algorithm! What does that mean? Well, what do people want? This is how Google is going to find out and it will be the foundation of how peoples websites rank in Google. If you don’t already have a Google Account, now would be the time.

Below I have sent you my Google profile link. Signup for Google if you don’t already have an account, and then subscribe to my profile, and I will subscribe back to yours. The ultimate in simple link exchanges, and it’s likely to sweep the world of online Web 2.0 communities!

Please post your Google Coop link here so everyone can subscribe!

In promoting your business you need people to talk with… right? 🙂 No brainier there.

You need people to share your idea with.

A- Warm Market
B- 3 Foot Rule – people in the lukewarm market
C- Buy leads – people in the coolish market
D- Advertise – people in the Fridged Cold market

However, each of these areas have 2 thing in common… that is networking / developing relationships and Exposing your idea/opportunity to others.

In recent years companies like Ryze (a social networking concept) [] were a great way to directly meet new people online and share concepts and ideas… share resources and information… promote your business and even just make new friends online.

In the last 6 months a different concept called Social Book Marketing… [ (type in MLM Software and you’ll find a list of several of my companies at the top)] was introduced to all you to upload or enter your favorite websites into a search-able directory that others could then have access to… they could then add your favorite sites to a list of their favorite sites… and so on… basically sharing bookmarks.

Google basically combined the two into one with Google Coop. Giving you the ability to create your own network of people and favorite sites and content all at the same time.

Google then uses this complex web of networking to feed into its formulas for ranking website. The more in your network… the more people subscribed to your site… the higher your page ranks in the natural listings in Google. IE. FREE Traffic. On top of that you have an ever growing list of people and sites to share your opportunity with.

For example visit my site again: Notice near the bottom of the page a list of people/sites I have subscribed to… and a list of people who have subscribed to me or my site. As I subscribe and meet new people they are exposed to my websites and what I offer. As they share their offer with others, my face is listed at the bottom of their site… MLM Pro is my alias. So, if that appeals to someone… they click my face and vwalla they are taken to my page… where they can subscribe and bingo… I have a new person subscribed to my site… and a new prospect for my product or service.

Beyond that… the more people who visit and find my sites valuable… the better rankings I start to get in Google for the key words I have chosen for my site… free traffic.

Mel Atwood, MLM Consultant

Mel is a proven veteran of the MLM and Marketing Industry and has spent over 10 years developing, consulting, executing, and implementing business & marketing strategies on and off-line. He has held various positions with MLM Companies as both a corporate officer and as a consultant. He is a published author, public trainer, motivational speaker and private mentor.

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