Be a Hick!

In my previous blog I indicated my frustration with those who dealt with others less than honorably. I realize I haven’t posted in some time, and I am the only one to blame for that I guess. My MLM Consulting and MLM Software solutions have really done well as of late, I share that more as an explanation than an excuse.

In a recent talk I gave I mentioned 4 things that everyone should keep in mind when doing anything in life.

1- Honesty – Be Honest.
2- Integrity – Be True to what you’ve said and what you believe. (Walk the Talk)
3- Charity – Serve others. Only in the service of others can you find yourself.
4- Kindness – Be Kind. Speak only good of others, do only good to others.

I am not perfect. I only know of one man who ever was. However, these are the 4 things I try to do. Again, I’m not perfect… I can only say that at the end of each day, I have strived to be the best person I could be.

Simplicity is often taken for granted. It seems the more complex something is the more valuable it becomes; the more buttons, the more features, the more options, the more additions… it even extends to size, the bigger something is the more important it must be. Have you seen the remote controls they have these days? All in one for DVD player, VCR, Cable Box, TV, and Radio/CD player… Have you ever seen some of those corporate contracts? It seems they keep getting longer. I remember when Non-Disclosure agreements were just 1 or 2 pages, but today it seems that they are 5-7 pages long.

Wooo… have you seen the forms you have to fill out at the doctors office? Sheesh… I haven’t even heard of some of those things they ask you if you’ve had. LOL!

Complexity in my opinion is over rated!

“Get simple,” I say! Get simple!

You’ve heard K.I.S.S. Everyone has… But it just seems to go right in and right out of peoples heads. We’ll I want it to stick! I say, “Be a H.I.C.K.”

There is NOTHING more simple than being honest. I didn’t say easy… I said simple. Some times the simplest of things seem the hardest to do. If you never tell a lie, you don’t have to remember who you told what to when.

Maintaining ones integrity is simple. Simply do what you say you are going to do! Hold fast to the core values that are defined by your inner self.

Serving others is simple, service is the purest form of charity. Helping others, mentoring others, teaching others are all forms of service. Some times just taking a few extra minutes to show someone you are interested in them and care about them can be the most simple way to serve others. Mother Teresa lived a simple life of service and while her selfless and life long commitment to service took her places many would never go, we have opportunities for service each day as we work with others. It’s just about going ‘The Extra Mile.”

Being kind is simple. This is perhaps the hardest of all… doing someone right when they’ve done you wrong… that’s true kindness. It’s easy to be nice to someone that’s nice to you. Try being kind to someone who has taken advantage of you or hurt you in some way.

A “Hick” is someone with a simple mind and is often meant derogatory when used. I intend to change that! I am PROUD to be a Hick! Being a Hick takes thinking simply and the most simple way to live is:

Through Honesty (H)
With Integrity (I)
Showing Charity (C)
Being Kind (K)

I invite you to make a commitment today to be a H.I.C.K. with me!

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