A new term “Link Fishing”

I’m about to take a stand here… are you ready?


I think “Link Fishing” is a powerful concept that I want to share with you. Many people call it different things; shameless promotion, SPAM, etc.

Mostly it’s not a nice thing to do it at the expense of a BBS or Blog or Forum. Yes, it works… but I think there should be some ethics to it… more than just shameless promotion.

What is it? It’s the idea of posting to forums, blogs, guest books, BBS’s, etc. but with the sole intent of getting a link on their site that points at your site. It’s a search engine technique.

Many people do it by simply participating in the above noted places, but with a simply signature line. Others however, blatantly disregard the value of these places or their mission by posting “irrelevant” and misleading content to a site that really has no use for such information.

Additionally, in the recent past I experienced this “not so nice” way of promotion, but it was done without posting a real name or anything of any real value… taking what was already a low form of promotion to an even lower level.

I would call for all those who use Link Fishing to do so with consideration. Make your posts personal and relevant to the forum. Be sure to contribute to the culture of the site rather than deface it with your untopical remarks.

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