Comp Plans: EVOLUTION (Part 2)

(See also – Part 1: The best compensation plan in the world)

It’s impossible to understand the variations in compensation plans without defining MLM.  So, what is MLM?  Go to Google type in “what is MLM” and you’ll get an onslaught of varied opinion.  The best descriptions are those that start by defining it from a surface, face value approach.

Multi-Level Marketing:

Multi:  More than one.

Level: Generation or degree of separation.

Marketing:  “the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.” (

So, what is MLM?  Any business where “participants in the marketing program may recruit other participants”[1] and where “commissions, cross-commissions, bonuses, refunds, discounts, dividends, or other considerations in the program are or may be paid as a result of”[1] a sale of a product or service “for valuable consideration”[1]  “through independent agents, contractors, or distributors, at different levels.”[1] Read the rest of this entry »

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So, as the busy person I am, running an MLM software and consulting company, I have been remiss in my blogging, tweeting and other writing. So, this is my affirmation, “I am a blogger, tweeter (lol), and writer. I have updated social media. I have a book that will change your life!”

With that… here is my contribution for the moment…

Success is about masterminding your reality. Blah Blah…

Statements of reality such as, “I am a failure” go directly into your mind as a path statement of how to be. A directive to be a failure. “I am a success.” Is also a path statement that guides your psyche where you want it to be. A directive to be a success. Although let me add that your directives formed in present tense shouldn’t be vague… like, “I am a success.” … whatever that means. Read the rest of this entry »

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The best compensation plan in the world… (Part 1)

So, what is the best compensation plan in the world? Well, let’s look at all the factors. This issue is often the subject of much debate and conjecture, typically filled with trite cliche phrases like, “building deep is where the profit is” or “going wide is the key to a stable business.”

Is it really just that simple? Could I end my soap-box right here before it starts by leaving in your minds just these two simple phrases? Oh, how I wish. This decades old scuffle won’t end that easily, won’t end with this article and this topic wouldn’t be much of a topic at all to blog (read: rant) about if it really was that simple… now, would it?

No, this is not a simple topic. Many might tell you it’s simple by stating phrases like, “The binary is the best comp plan in the world,” or “I will only build in a matrix,” or “The first thing I look for in a company is to see if they have an Australian plan.”

Before we can “wash our hands” of these comments we have to first clearly understand:

  1. The evolution of MLM compensation plans
  2. Elements of the various MLM plans
  3. What elements (bonuses/structures) encourage which kind of human behavior
  4. How different MLM plans might function within different
    – demographics (old/young, male/female, liberal/conservative, etc)
    – product pricing (company cost & retail/wholesale pricing)
    – consumption behaviours
  5. How goals are critical in choosing the best compensation plan Read the rest of this entry »

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Rules of thumb to keep you safe…

As a top MLM consultant and leading MLM Software provider I get asked all the time to evaluate businesses for their legitimacy. Part but not all of a companies legitimacy is how well they meet the legal criteria and avoid anti-pyramid/ponzi and anti-fraud laws. The other parts blend into corporate strategies, capitalization, marketing/branding, product, etc. which I’ve written and spoken on numerous times before.

However, I want to give some real solid guidelines that can be followed to:

A- As an MLM Company: Help bring your existing/start-up MLM into better compliance
B- As an MLM Participant: Aid you in selecting an opportunity Read the rest of this entry »

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It takes more than a good product and website…

Oh how I wish I could take credit for what you are about to read. It’s a message I’ve been talking about for years. Creating a story to share your products is extremely critical in today’s “hyper cynical” consumer world. Our customers and business prospects are more educated, have been exposed to our basic message multiple times, and will not fall for the same yesteryear ploys.

The following article ties in directly with a 3 part series I wrote concerning the development of a successful MLM Company: “Questions, Questions, Questions“, “The True Secret – MLM is not a “Field of Dreams”“, and “A solid place to rest your rump…“.

While the following article is not addressed specifically to the MLM channel, the ideas and concepts massively apply. Read the rest of this entry »

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So, I was part of a discussion recently about gratitude and they/we were talking about all the same old types of things: Why should we be grateful, why is gratitude important… you know the drill.

So, I was sitting there listening to the discussion and I was just about asleep from boredom. As I often do to keep myself awake I piped up and shared my thoughts on the topic. Here are the 4 main thoughts I shared:

#1– Personally, I recognize God as the giver of all things. You might see it as karma, yin/yang, circle of life, the universe, or the laws of physics (how energy works). To me it is God and God is/controls all of these things. There is balance in all things… I didn’t say life was “fair” in a subjective, limited perception kind of way… but, life IS ALWAYS fair in an objective, balanced, higher purpose kind of way.

So, as good things or bad things happen it’s important to be grateful for what we have and the experiences we have. Read the rest of this entry »

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MLM Legal Representation & MLM Law Firm

How to choose the right MLM Attorney or Law Firm

If I did nothing else but put our clients in touch with who I consider to be the absolute BEST MLM Legal team and Law firm available today, I would be satisfied that I did our duty to better my clients chances of survival!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is such a true statement for today’s start up companies. Be sure you protect yourself! Work closely with an experienced MLM Attorney.

On most occasions a new start-up company will start-out looking for an MLM software to track their sales organization. I get the chance to slow them down and encourage them to get good MLM legal counsel. The legal environment of the United States, Canada, and the World is changing, adapting, and evolving. New MLM legal rulings and MLM precedent, MLM legislative law and FTC/SEC (or respective agencies/ministries) adapt to the changes in commerce, the economy, public opinion, etc. Without a quality Attorney or Legal Council you’re flying blind.

The Legal Firms and MLM Attorneys we work with help HUNDREDS of start-up MLM companies each year.

Let me help you pick the right Legal Team that will fit your needs!

The Right MLM Attorney

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MLM Leads Biz Op Leads

ePower Leads is your Lead Generation source for Premium Surveyed Real Time Leads. Our MLM Leads are fresh, responsive, and definitely interested in pursuing a Home Based Business… by far the hottest Business Opportunity Leads available anywhere!

  • Real Time Local Leads: Fresh and responsive Local Prospects… delivered to you in Real Time! Now you can build a successful business in your own backyard, using our highest quality Real Time Surveyed Leads.
  • Real Time Nationwide: These Premium Surveyed Leads are delivered to you in Real Time! As soon as a prospect comes through one of our capture pages, their contact information is emailed to you instantaneously.
  • Surveyed Leads: These prospects are so interested in starting a home-based business, that they have returned to our website a second time & completed a short survey online.
  • Opt-In Leads: Our Fresh Opt-in Leads have all responded to one of our online advertisements, plus received a confirmation email from us confirming their request.

ePower Leads provides the most advanced sorting options and features available in the industry. Our Real Time, database interactive ordering system, is state of the art and allows our customers full access to every lead we have. Increase your conversion rates tremendously by targeting the exact prospect that fits your profile.:

  • Gender Targeting
  • Local Area Code and Time Zone Targeting
  • State and Country Specific

All of these options are available on all of our Lead Packages. You can even combine multiple options to further define your request!

Maybe your products are better suited towards people in your area, and your conversions rates are higher meeting your prospect face to face? Our new Real Time Local Leads sound like a perfect fit.

ePower Leads is your source for quality Leads! Select from the options on the left to get started today… lead packages starting from just $39!

, ,

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MLM Community

MLM Community

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MLM Articles

1- Call Me Naive… (Read Now)

2- Job Security? You’ve Got to be kidding! (Read Now)

3- (Netrepreneur 101) Find that Something! (Read Now)

4- How to Choose the Right MLM for You! (Read Now)

5- 3 Steps to Victory in any Home Business (Read Now)

6- Put Relationships Back Into Marketing (Read Now)

7- Mining Your Existing Customer Base (Read Now)

8- Product VS Opportunity (What is more critical?) (Read Now)

9- Discard Your Box (Read Now)

10- Modern Day Slavery (Read Now)


12- What Pro’s Hate Most (Read Now)

Originally posted on MLM Articles page of

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MLM Software – xFlow

MLM Software

Industry Leading MLM Software for Network Marketing Companies

Every company is unique; every business has a special way of doing things. It is our mission to deliver the best mlm software solution for the best price. Our pricing is designed with flexibility and seamless scalability in mind.

Most companies will need some type of custom solution (Enterprise), but a few will be able to use our mlm software “out-of-the-box” (Start-up or Pro). We believe you should get exactly what you need (not too much or too little) for a fair price. Transparent, no-hidden-cost, no-games pricing you can understand! Get more details at
(Be sure to request a feature comparison chart.)

Read the rest of this entry »

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An MLM Consultant

Mel Atwood is one of the foremost MLM Consultants in the industry today. Since 1997, it has been his crusade to bring humanity & reality into the world of MLM, Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Party Plans, Direct Sales and Viral Marketing.


Contact us for a FREE 30-minute session with our resident MLM Expert and Consultant, Mel Atwood. Read the rest of this entry »

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A solid place to rest your rump…

Stools come in all shapes and sizes, just like the people who use them. How we use a stool varies greatly. Some of us use them to stand on, some of us use them to sit on or rest our feet on, some of us use a stool as a place to relax, or any number of things.

In talking to clients about the pieces of a solid MLM, the stool analogy comes up often. I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that just like any solid stool every MLM needs 4 solid legs to be successful. Which is true, but obviously an over simplification.

As an MLM Consultant, it’s such an important topic that it’s often a major area of discussion with my clients. Previously, I mention the importance of these legs (The True Secret – MLM is not a “Field of Dreams”), and the the often missed but critically important need for the cross bars that hold the legs of any stool together (Questions, Questions, Questions). Read the rest of this entry »

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The True Secret – MLM is not a “Field of Dreams”

In recent conversations with consulting clients (mostly perspective MLM software clients) it’s interesting to note that many feel MLM is like the movie “Field of Dreams” expressing sentiment similar to, “If you build it they will come.”

Far too many companies look at MLM as a method of taking their product to market thinking it’s a fast and cheap method of reaching thousands of people who will consume and then tell others about their product.

Others look at it in a more sinister way. MLM for them becomes a format to abuse the unknowing, the newbie, and the inexperienced. While this taints public perception on MLM, these companies are the huge minority. There are good, great, and even excellent companies that use MLM to move their product to market while empowering those individual members of their business opportunity. Read the rest of this entry »

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Questions, Questions, Questions

As an MLM Consultant, on a daily basis I talk to more than 10 new people doing research on MLM Software, MLM Legal issues, MLM Comp Plans, or a ton of other topics related to MLM. The one thing most of these individuals want to know is: “How do I build a successful MLM?” What do I tell them? Well, I tell them exactly what you are about to read right now.

To start it is a good idea to look at the industry as whole. There is no real way to know exactly how many “MLM” type businesses exist. Some try to quantify it in terms of “Legit” or “Legal”… But that kind of classification is so vague from one country to the next or even one state to the next. Some MLM Consultants or MLM experts claim there are approximately 2000 MLM’s. This figure is at least lacking one 0.

Since Cognigen and the birth of replicated websites (independent distributor websites that are duplicates of the main corporate site) in the mid to late 90’s MLM software has become more and more competitive. New categories within MLM called Affiliate programs or Referral programs have emerged allowing many thousands of “Brick and Mortar” companies to develop an independent sales force via the internet. Many hundreds of these companies have a multi-tiered commission structures (pays commission to more than one person based on a single sale). In essence, these companies are MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). Read the rest of this entry »

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MLM Resource Directories

Reguardless of your experiance in MLM you always need good solid resources to help you build your business and to help you grow. There are a lot of sites out there, but I want to list 3 that are key.

1- – MLM Resources  (coming soon)
2- – MLM Forums
3- – Complete MLM Resource

As an MLM Consultant I use these sites all the time to keep my finger on the pulse of the MLM community. Email me resources sites you think are quality and I’ll share them with everyone.

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Google Coop – Explosive Potential for you MLM Business

Explosive new release by Google! I know many of you have participated in Ryze or other online networking sites. Some of you have likely participated in the new public book marking trend. Well, Google has come out with their own version… and it is heating up.

This will be the future of Google’s search engine algorithm! What does that mean? Well, what do people want? This is how Google is going to find out and it will be the foundation of how peoples websites rank in Google. If you don’t already have a Google Account, now would be the time.

Below I have sent you my Google profile link. Signup for Google if you don’t already have an account, and then subscribe to my profile, and I will subscribe back to yours. The ultimate in simple link exchanges, and it’s likely to sweep the world of online Web 2.0 communities! Read the rest of this entry »

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Product VS Opportunity

Product VS Opportunity
(The age old debate. What is more critical?)

First… let me state… this is only my opinion based on years of successful experience, both in the field, in corporate MLM positions, and now as an MLM consultant. You could possibly call it an Expert Opinion, and sometimes experts disagree on the same factual observations… that’s life. However, if you’re not an expert, seek out a few on this topic before personally making up your mind on this topic. A successful upline in your business is typically NOT an expert.

Additionally, please be clear that as we talk, I’m not addressing the idea of Distributors purchasing product monthly (auto-ship or auto-bill).  The issue is “what to focus on” and “what is one more important“… also, this article will address if distributor product USE (not purchase) is critical (or not) for their success. Read the rest of this entry »

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What MLM Pro’s Hate Most

As a Distributor, Corporate Consultant, and MLM Trainer I can tell you that things change… companies change… people change. There is a popular saying, “There is nothing more constant than change.”  In the case of the MLM world that saying is consistently manifesting itself.  Companies are run by humans and humans aren’t perfect.

From time to time a company ends up changing a compensation plan around, modifying a product line, changing management or even more dramatic could be they go out of business or are faced with charges by an Attorney Generals office or by the FTC, SEC, FDA… etc.  (or any number of three letter Federal governmental agencies.)  Life changes.  While this might be a difficult topic to discuss, no one likes this topic, it is a fact that most who look forward to a career in Direct Sales or Network Marketing will most likely be faced with some time during their career.

If you intend to be a full time networker, get use to the idea that sooner or later you’ll be forced to start over. Read the rest of this entry »

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Preface: This post isn’t about Right and Wrong. Nor is it about believing in Religion or Cultural Dogma. This post is about “Freeing Your Mind” from social programming. In this I will use my own reference points. Some of these may be religious in nature and for those who are unable to relate to these points I apologize in advance.

Let me start by saying that many many years ago I recognized in myself the need for approval from my peers. I became consciously away of my “Addiction” to constant approval of each thing I did, from family or friends. I craved validation.

I realized that I was choosing (subconsciously) to live my life based on the perceptions others had of me. In short, I cared what they thought. In about the 9th grade (15-16 years old) I started a journey of personal revolution. For my parents and teachers it was something entirely perplexing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Be a Hick!

In my previous blog I indicated my frustration with those who dealt with others less than honorably. I realize I haven’t posted in some time, and I am the only one to blame for that I guess. My MLM Consulting and MLM Software solutions have really done well as of late, I share that more as an explanation than an excuse.

In a recent talk I gave I mentioned 4 things that everyone should keep in mind when doing anything in life.

1- Honesty – Be Honest.
2- Integrity – Be True to what you’ve said and what you believe. (Walk the Talk)
3- Charity – Serve others. Only in the service of others can you find yourself.
4- Kindness – Be Kind. Speak only good of others, do only good to others. Read the rest of this entry »

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Business BS – What not to do?

We all have bad days. Some are worse than others.

Today wasn’t at all very good. You know as hard as you might try to do business above the surface… try to 100% play it straight, fair, and honest… now and again it becomes maddening when others don’t do the same thing.

More to come…

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MLM Consultant

I once over heard someone say that “Everyone is an MLM Consultant”.

I guess in a way that’s true. Everyone has their opinions. It’s really all about quality. 2 major firms out there in the MLM Consultant world. Both very capable… but old school. Many up and coming trainers, authors, and consultants in the World of MLM who are more open to embracing a better way to do Networking.

I’ve been an MLM consultant now for 10 years and have worked with will over 300 different MLM companies and teams. My company does MLM Marketing Systems, MLM Software, MLM Compensation Plans, MLM Leads, MLM Business Plans, and so much more. We really provide everything within one company… really from a to Z. & are both the same site.

You can review a whole list of services we provide at

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A new term “Link Fishing”

I’m about to take a stand here… are you ready?


I think “Link Fishing” is a powerful concept that I want to share with you. Many people call it different things; shameless promotion, SPAM, etc.

Mostly it’s not a nice thing to do it at the expense of a BBS or Blog or Forum. Yes, it works… but I think there should be some ethics to it… more than just shameless promotion.

What is it? It’s the idea of posting to forums, blogs, guest books, BBS’s, etc. but with the sole intent of getting a link on their site that points at your site. It’s a search engine technique.

Many people do it by simply participating in the above noted places, but with a simply signature line. Others however, blatantly disregard the value of these places or their mission by posting “irrelevant” and misleading content to a site that really has no use for such information.

Additionally, in the recent past I experienced this “not so nice” way of promotion, but it was done without posting a real name or anything of any real value… taking what was already a low form of promotion to an even lower level.

I would call for all those who use Link Fishing to do so with consideration. Make your posts personal and relevant to the forum. Be sure to contribute to the culture of the site rather than deface it with your untopical remarks.

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MLM Software

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of companies as an MLM consultant. In that time I have seen good, bad, and ugly MLM software. In 1998 we started working with a software developer out of Canada who had the drive to create something powerful.

We’ve used that MLM Software and website replication/duplication software now all these many years. It’s been part of the foundation of what we do. Recently we partnered with them and are now offering this MLM Software solution to the market place.

It really represents 80% of the industries needs. Granted this MLM Software isn’t right for 20%… but honestly the average company starting today can save themselves THOUSANDS of dollars.

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Put Relationships Back Into Marketing

Many times when using an internet marketing system we forget we are dealing with real people who have real feelings, dreams, and desires. Often in the process of “Chewing Through the Numbers” we forget that those numbers are REAL people.

While working with serious and qualified people is important… and to some degree we need to expect certain things from our prospects… in the process we need to realize they have families, lives, distractions, and complications as we all do from time to time. Even very interested and quality people may miss a conference call or two and they may miss an appointment. Increasingly we are dealing with more and more busy individuals who, while they want to break free of the rat race, are bound by that rat race and hectic life style. Many of us are or were exactly like that kind of person at one time.

With that in mind, the 2 areas most people fail in MLM are:
1- Who to talk to
2- Follow-Up

Conversational Approaching, while not Internet marketing, is one of the most highly recommended methods of locating people to introduce the business to and enter into the warm market portion of a marketing system. As well, internet browsing for experienced entrepreneurs, leveraging online chat rooms and online messaging is a powerful extension of conversational approaching for the internet. It also cost nothing to do. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Choose the Right Home Business


There are 5 major factors to consider when choosing the right home business that will suite you. Each factor is critical to the success of your business. Those factors are Company, Management, Product, Compensation, and Team. Be sure that no matter which opportunity you choose, that it is one that has the same moral values that you do, that it has honesty and integrity, and that you believe in the opportunity 100%.

A brilliant networker once wrote, ” One of the most common complaints I hear from my members is “it didn’t work for me.” My reply is, “What is ‘it’ and why should ‘it’ work for you? Did you work for ‘it’?” Another comment I hear often is, “I’ll just wait and see what happens.” Does that mean you are under the impression that [networking] is a waiting game?”

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as ‘Get Rich Quick’, because any thing that is worth having is going to take work. Too often people think that a business is easy. Let me dispel that myth. It will take work, time, energy, and a small investment. However, the business you choose if you follow these steps will be far more rewarding in the long-run than any J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) could ever be.

For the rest visit:

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